About The Book

‘Smart, dynamic and inspiring, this is an invaluable book for anyone thinking of trying for drama school’ Michael Simkins

‘There’s only one book in the world I would read about getting into drama school and doing good auditions. It’s this one.’ Vanessa Kirby (Great ExpectationsLabyrinth,Three SistersJupiter Ascending)

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This is a book on how to get into drama school – How to train, how to prepare, how to think. It is a finely honed system designed to maximise the reader’s chances at every step of the process.  Contained within, is a preparation and training programme which is designed to strengthen the psychological armoury of the student, in addition supporting and developing to the practical skills needed to get through a campaign.

There is also first hand commentary from an array of past students on how they felt and what they learned at each stage of the process.

An engaging, upbeat guide for any student thinking of applying to drama school.

If you’re thinking of applying to drama school, The Excellent Audition Guide will give you everything you need to prepare well and perform your audition to the best of your ability. Experienced actor, director and drama teacher Andy Johnson leads you through every step of the application process:

  • Researching drama schools
  • Writing personal statements and CVs
  • Choosing and working on your speeches and songs
  • Brushing up technical and vocal skills

And, of course:

  • How to tackle the auditions themselves by being true to yourself and making fear your friend

A reassuring, encouraging ‘how to’ book that demystifies an often scary-looking process, The Excellent Audition Guide is ideal not just for applicants themselves, but also for parents, teachers and careers advisors looking to help them fulfill their acting ambitions.